I love chatting with readers and will always reply to any questions or comments. If you have a question about me, my writing or my  work, please drop me an email to tarn@tarnrichardson.co.uk, or find me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/tarnrichardson.author and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/TarnRichardson. Or using the contact form below.

For inquiries about appearances, interviews and rights, please contact:
Ben Clark

LAW Literary Agency
2nd Floor, 16–17 Wardour Mews, London, W1F 8AT

tel: +44 207 471 7900

For Book-Related press inquiries in the UK, please contact:
Thogdin Ripley
Duckworth Overlook
30 Calvin Street, London, E1 6NW

For US publicity queries, please contact:
Lauren Roberts
Overlook Press

To write to me, send all letters to:
Tarn Richardson c/o Lucas Alexander Whitley Ltd
2nd Floor, 16–17 Wardour Mews, London W1F 8AT

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