Book recommendation for writers

Whilst in Ireland I read Stephen King's book ’On Writing’. Part biography, part guide for the aspiring writer, it contained some fascinating suggestions as to how to write smart and write well without losing your marbles or your life along the way. What really struck a chord with me, particularly as when I write I really push myself mentally and physically over a long period of time, was the way in which Stephen King himself writes. And if you're as successful and as good as ‘the King’, other writers should probably sit up and take note. Stephen King writes for only three hours every day, but he writes every day. He only writes in the morning, beginning at the same time every day. This approach not only gives him a life outside of writing, but it also gives him the opportunity to better consider what he has written and where he is going with his manuscript. Once a manuscript is finished, Stephen King puts it in the drawer and leaves it there for six weeks. Only after this time does he revisit it and see if it still commands his interest and respect to take further. I probably could have done with the reading this book before I set out writing the Darkest Hand trilogy four years ago when I think about all the long morning and longer nights I’ve written, how I’ve pushed myself to breaking, and occasionally beyond, and how many rewrites I’ve had to do, probably because of the way in which I’ve written in a blind fury, rather than at a considered and careful pace. Anyway it’s a book I recommend to all writers, published and aspiring alike. I intend to put his suggestions into practice - but not until 6.30am tomorrow morning!

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