February 2015

New Year resolutions for me have always entailed drinking less, exercising more and trying to be kinder to people who own chihuahuas. So a bit of a change this year, the resolution being to write 60,000 words of Book Two of the trilogy (currently known as THE FALLEN) in January. I fell short, but only by 848 words, so I think I can forgive myself for just missing the target. It was a strangely rewarding thing to do, and far more physically and mentally draining than I expected. 2,000 words a night, every night, the count growing if a daily target was missed. What it did was ensure that there was no opportunity to sit and ponder and consider and procrastinate. It’s a daunting place to be, starting a new book. I liken it to a climb up a mountainside. You’re looking up and seeing the long road winding away towards the very top of the mountain - your finished novel. Sometimes it’s easier to take a rain check and come back tomorrow or look at the different paths leading towards the peak and wonder just where and how you can possibly begin. But the self-imposed deadline didn’t allow me the comfort of coming back tomorrow. I simply had to set off and write. And because I had to write, the words flowed and the book was given a firm push in the right direction - I hope! I also didn’t worry too much about the quality of the words, only the quantity of them. What I have now are 100,000 mediocre words and six months to turn them into masterful words (or as good as I can get them!). And it’s a lot easier to rewrite than it is to write from scratch. Ask any author. So after that knuckle busting, brain searing, sleep depriving experience that was January, I am hoping for a little more peace and quiet. I don’t think I’m going to get it! THE HUNTED, the prequel to THE DAMNED, comes out in the next few weeks, all being well. This is a short sharp kick in the guts of book, where you’ll get to meet Tacit in all his unhinged glory and begin to get an inkling into the kind of world he inhabits. It’s a scary and exciting place and hopefully will leave you wanting to fully immerse yourself in it with THE DAMNED come May. We’ve also agreed on the title for the trilogy. I’ve never been a titles man! I can write the books but I can’t name them! The publisher suggested THE DARKEST HAND as the name of the trilogy and I think I rather like it. It fits very nicely. We gave away 20 copies of THE DAMNED on GoodReads, as well as lots of copies outside of Shoreditch Station, and are starting to get some wonderful reviews on the GoodReads site. You can read them here. I am very touched and somewhat amazed that people have said such nice things about it. I’m very proud of it - it was the best book I could have written at that time - and to read that other people love it as well is wonderful. I will try and make Book Two even better for you! After the January that just went by, I know that I have no excuses! Now, where’s that chihuahua?

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