March 2015

I am now a literary parent. I've given birth to The Hunted, the prequel to The Darkest Hand trilogy, which came out as a FREE ebook on February 24th 2015. To become a published author is something I have dreamed about and worked towards for over twenty years. For it to finally become reality is truly wonderful, if rather surreal. I'm delighted, but for something I have pursued for half my life, I feel surprisingly composed and matter-of-fact about the whole thing. I'm not sure why exactly! I feel very honoured and lucky to be where I am and suspect that it simply hasn't sunk in yet. Of course, it might be because writing is still something which has to fit in around the money earning day job. Maybe it's because I'm currently mired in writing Book Two? I've also learned that the long route from finishing a novel to getting it into the public domain as a published piece of work is a million miles away from that sudden hot charge of adrenaline when your agent says they love what you've written or the publisher asks for your signature. After the hard, but fun, part of writing the novel, there then follows the administration side of things, the policies to follow, the schedules to adhere to, the post-production to apply, the editing, the re-editing, the re-re-editing. All very important, but I now have a squint which I know wasn't there when I first began this journey. But it's a squint I carry with pride. Anyway, we go to print tomorrow (at the time of writing this entry) with first of The Darkest Hand trilogy, The Damned, and then there really is no turning back! I love books; the feel of them, the weight of them, the smell of them. I can't wait to hold my own book in my hands! February was spent taking the first draft of my second trilogy book, currently called The Fallen, or 'little shit' when things aren't going so well, and turning it into a half decent second draft. It's a rewarding part of the process, where you can see these rough and uncouth words begin to turn into something semi eloquent and ambitious. I'm halfway through, but not halfway to finishing the thing. After all, Book One had seven drafts, so this is just the beginning. And the clock is ticking! We go into March with one eye on what happens with the prequel, but the primary focus on making Book Two as good as possible. After all, once a book is written and the administration and policy and scheduling and post-production and editing and re-editing is all done, there's really very little else you can do but hope this thing you gave life to behaves and makes a good name for itself. Much like being a parent in the real world, I suppose. Now, pass me the literary Calpol, Book Two is playing up.

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