About Tarn

Novelist of The Darkest Hand trilogy, Ripped and The Village in the Woods

Born in Bristol in 1972, Tarn grew up a fan of J.R.R.Tolkien near Taunton, Somerset, in a remote house rumoured to be haunted. He has been a copywriter, written murder mystery dinner party games and worked in digital media for over twenty years.

He is the author of the The Darkest Hand trilogy, comprising of The Damned, The Fallen, The Risen and the eBook prequel The Hunted, all published by Red Door Books.

He lives near Salisbury.

Awards And Nominations

Like the vast majority of writers, I write because I have to. There's a compulsion, a drive, this desire to try and get better and eventually, one day maybe, write the perfect novel. 

I'm immensely proud of all the books I have written to date. And so it's lovely when readers tell you that they enjoyed your work or when critics bestow special praise upon you and novels. Here are some of my notable accolades to date.

  • 2015 - Book Depository's Books of the Year - THE DAMNED
  • 2016 - Foreword Reviews Editor's Choice - THE FALLEN
  • 2017 - Rising Shadow's Book of the Year - THE RISEN
  • 2018 - Keeper of Pages' Top 5 Books of the Year - THE DAMNED

Currently Writing

Working on the follow up to the modern day murder mystery and paranormal police investigation RIPPED

Currently Reading

Anthony Horrowitz's MORIARTY, his second Sherlock Holmes novel. Terrific stuff from a terrific writer.

Currently Watching

The Umbrella Academy on Netflix. Quirky, twisty and higely inventive. Great stuff!

Currently Listening to ...

The Who's 'Who's Next' album. Had this record for years. Only just come back to it and now realise it's utter brilliance.

Looking Forward To ...

A week long break in Pembroke, South West Wales. One of the most beautiful places in the world. Sun, sea and serenity.

I Am Currently ...

Not doing nearly enough running! I love to run, but my hectic life at the moment is not proving to be very conducive to exercise!

I'll murder three strangers, and you'll know it was me

SR Masters, The Killer You Know
Appearing next at ...
SR Masters' official book launch in Oxford

I will be interviewing Simon about his debut novel, THE KILLER YOU KNOW, at Blackwell's Oxford on Thursday 2nd May 2019.