He’d visited Sarajevo many times before. That entire region, stretching like a twisted spine from Montenegro to Romania and to the shores of the Black Sea, seemed to be clutched by a persistent wickedness, rumours of unspeakable horrors howling in the dark of the wilds. Someone once said that, generations ago, a terrible evil had taken root in the Carpathian mountains and its malevolence had spread far and deep, infecting the lands, places, and people. The Priest ignored such chatter. He knew that devil’s work was found in all places of the world, not just here.


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In the bustling streets of Sarajevo in June 1914, the dead body of a priest lies, head shattered by the impact of a fall from a building high above. As the city prepares for the arrival Archduke Franz Ferdinand, grim-faced inquisitor Poldek Tacit is confronted by many menaces: the demon rumoured to be at large in the city and the conspirators of the Black Hand organisation who plan to assassinate the Archduke.

The free prequel novella to The Darkest Hand trilogy.



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"What can I say? I loved this story! Poldek Tacit is a must-read character. He reminds me of Jack Reacher with alcohol! I read this story before devouring the first 50 pages of The Damned."

Dave Burnham

"Secret societies, The Catholic Church, demonic possession, murder, and then as if that is not enough a mention of a witch problem. It's all here!"

Yvonne Bastian

"A ripping prequel to The Damned. Moves along at breakneck speed. Something that the hero Tacit seems rather good at. Is he a priest or a mercenary sent to save the world?"

Constance Shepherd

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