Darkness seemed to boil in the hollows of the graveyard. From the east, a cool meandering pall of sea stink and rot rolled breathlessly onto the land, drawing from the earth a lingering mist, as if a spell had been spoken to raise spirits from the ground.

A bright moon caught in the branches of the great trees around the graveyard, glittering the ground and the men creeping beneath them with soft circles of silver light. None of them had spoken since their boat had drawn alongside the narrow stone quay of the small deserted island hospital harbour an hour before.

Beyond the boughs of the trees and stunted slabs of gravestones, roughly hewn for purpose rather than out of love or respect for the dead buried beneath them, distant lights from surrounding islands and the Italian mainland could be seen to twinkle white and amber. In the silence of this abandoned lazaretto, long rumoured to be haunted, spirits could still be felt to reach out and grapple the Inquisitors as they passed, the occasional muffled bark of laughter from Venice across the water sounding foreign and mistaken in the hateful dark. In the depths of the graveyard, unseen unblinking eyes watched each of the men with rankling spite.

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1917. As war and revolution consume the world, the End Times have arrived. With the apocalypse imminent, the world needs a hero to push back this tide of darkness and save all from the return of the Antichrist. But where is Poldek Tacit, the only Inquisitor able to compete against such daunting odds?

Old allies unite in a desperate race to unmask and stop the Antichrist before he can assume dominion over all lands and nations, while the Darkest Hand squeezes any remaining hope from those who wish to find an end to the war which has already claimed countless lives.

The final chapter in The Darkest Hand trilogy serves up a fitting, fast-paced and action-packed finale to this epic work of dark fiction, where long-buried secrets within the vaults of the Vatican are unveiled and mankind’s hopes of redemption from the forces of evil hang by a single, precarious thread.



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“Evokes the fantasy of Tolkien and the darkness of King”

Cal Moriarty, author of The Killing of Bobbi Lomax

"Riotous, terrifying, and urgent”

Peter Liney, author of the Detainee trilogy

"The Darkest Hand Trilogy is clearly one of the best achievements in modern speculative fiction."

Rising Shadow Reviews